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   Merciér Therapy

   Shared Journey Fertility Program 



   Mercier Therapy provides a safe, gentle, and naturally minded pelvic visceral manipulative technique for women facing fertility challenges, experiencing pelvic pain, recovering from gynecologic surgery and having undergone traumatic birthing experiences. Our goal is to serve women of all ages—from teens to those going through menopause—who are searching for a more natural approach to a multitude of pelvic issues. Our practices started when we saw that this type of therapy is lacking today.




Natural fertility preparation or to Complement IVF, IUI, etc.
Regulate menstrual cycle and ovulation
Normalize hormone and endocrine systems
Improve ovarian and hormone function for better quality follicles/eggs
Increase uterine blood flow and lining
Deeply relaxing – reducing anxiety & stress
Improve the success of IVF, IUI and other technologies
Improve Male Factor sperm quality, quantity and motility
Decrease miscarriage
Addresses: High FSH, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Premature Ovarian Failure, Luteal Phase defects, Endometriosis, Autoimmune infertility, and Recurrent Miscarriage

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